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Basic Stringing-

June 2nd. Saturday, 10:30-Noon. A great starting point! Learn how to choose and layout beads. Then how to finish them well with crimp beads.  $25 plus materials





Pearl Knotting-

June 4th. Monday, 11-2p.m. $30 plus materials. Learn how to knot inbetween beads or pearls.


2 and 1/2 hour Glass Bead Making-

June 5th. Tuessday, 6-8:30p.m. This is a short intro into making glass beads.  We will be working with a torch to make beads doing basic shapes, dots, and using stringers to decorate our beads. A Beginners course.
Equipment use and glass provided.
Maximum class size 4 students.

$85.00 On sale for $35


Pinch Bead Beaded Beads.-

June 7th. Thursday, 11-3p.m. learn how to use pinch beads and size 11 seed beads to create these fun beads. $35 plus materials. (Katherine)


Dragon Tail Bracelet-

June 9th. Saturday, 10:30-Noon. This trendy new class is surprisingly simple but fun to make.$25 plus materials.


Simple Wire Rings-

June 12th. Tuesday, 6-8:30p.m. This is a surprisingly simple and fun class. You will learn for make 2 ring styles using beads and round wire. $25 plus materials.


Woven Treasures Bracelet-

June 14th. Thursday, 11-3p.m. . With this class you will use a simple knotting technique to build this bracelet. $35 plus materials. (Katherine)


Lucky 7 Bracelet-

June 16th. Saturday, 10:30-Noon. In this trendy class seven "lucky" beads are strung onto a three strand leather cord bracelet.  In the class you will learn how to use the bracelet jig to easily assemble and finish this bracelet.  Class includes instruction, leather cord, beads, tool use and clasp.  You will also receive a  $5 discount on the price of the bracelet jig when you take the class. $58.   Sale $29.


Sunburst Wire Donut-

June 19th. Saturday, 6-8p.m. Using round wire you will learn how to embellish a stone or glass donut and turn it into a pendent.  $35 plus materials. (Becky)


Shamballa Bracelet-

June 26th. Tuesday, 6-8:30p.m. This bracelet is adjustable with a sliding clasp. 3-5 beads are nestled in a row of square knots.$25 plus materials.


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